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Parents are allowed to drop-off and pick-up their child at their designated studio but are not permitted to wait for them inside the building.

If dancers need help changing shoes, we will have Teachers Assistants in every class to help them change shoes during class.


Your dancer will stay in the same studio room and with the same dancers the entire time they are in the studio.

Attendance will be taken in every room at the beginning of class.

PLEASE only bring belongings necessary for class (shoes, water bottle). Avoid large, bulky bags.

They will not be allowed to touch other students or do ANY partnering work.

All faculty members will wear masks.

All dancers ages 3+ will be required to wear a mask while in the building.

We will have thermometers available. If we feel your dancer does not look well, or they tell us they are not feeling well, we will take their temperature. Dancers with any fever will be sent home immediately.

We will designate a bathroom for each studio use and bathrooms will be cleaned between each use.

Hand sanitizer application will be mandatory for them to re-enter the room to return to class.


Please see our COVID-19 Guidelines for more detailed information